Mar 132009

Gladys aka Stinkydog

I’m saddened to report my dog Gladys–also known as “Stinkydog”–had to be put to sleep today.

I had adopted Gladys in late 2002 (read more about my dog Gladys here). Although I didn’t know her exact age, it was clear she was an adult the day I adopted her. My guesstimate is that she was about six years old or so when I adopted her.

Gladys had serious kidney failure so, after consulting with the vet, I agreed that the best course of action was to put an end to her suffering. I said goodbye and stayed with her to the very end.

Gladys, you will be missed…

Feb 232009

The February 2009 column is (actually, has been for a couple of weeks now) online now. Here’s a snippet:

Chili Dog (left) and Gladys, or Poopmeister I and Poopmeister II.

Chili Dog (left) and Gladys, or Poopmeister I and Poopmeister II.

Trying to medicate Chili Dog is as fun as, oh, having a root canal without anesthesia. Those of you with dogs know they quickly learn when you’re about to do something unpleasant to them so they go and hide. Chili Dog’s compact size (about the size of a large chihuahua) gives her many options for hiding.

The vet didn’t make my job any easier, either. The labels on the bottles for the already too small pills I have to give Chili Dog order me to give her “1/4” or “3/4” pill two or three times a day.

1/4? 3/4????? What the heck is that? By the time I finish cutting each pill first into two halves then into quarters, they crumble into white dust and I have to guess how much is a quarter pill. Oh, and did I mention only one of the pills is scored for purportedly “easier” cutting?