FASQ (?)


The Humorless Twit’s FASQ

If your stupid question isn’t answered in this list, feel free to ASQ us here.

1. What the heck does FASQ stand for?
A: FASQ stands for “Frequently Asked Stupid Question.” Like the one you just asked. Whoever said “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” must’ve asked LOTS of them.

2. Why do you refer to yourself as “we?” We all know you’re just one person!
A: Our short answer is because “we” are Smith, and Wesson, and me.

We prefer to refer to ourselves as “we” precisely because it comes across as phony and pretentious. It makes our day to call ourselves “we.” It makes us very happy. We enjoy referring to ourselves in the first-person plural. Besides, we have to keep all the voices in our head happy. And what better way to do that than to call ourselves “we?”

3. How’d you come up with the color scheme for this website?
A: After a night of hard drinking.

No, seriously, we looked at a few of our favorite things and thought the colors looked great together: Mylanta-bottle green, raw steak red and warm beer yellow. A winning combination of colors and it just so happens to have been our breakfast after that night of hard drinking.

4. How’d you come up with the name The Humorless Twit?
A: Oh geez, another FASQ! The RTFM principle applies here: read about it on our appropriately titled “About Us” page.

5. What’s RTFM?
A: Ah, so many dodos, so little time.

Throughout the Internet, RTFM stands for “Read the F***ing Manual.” It is a universal admonition to newbies and dodos to do a little reading before they ask a stupid question.

On The Humorless Twit web site, RTFM stands for “Read The FSAQ, Moron.” Now, please heed that advice!

6. Why do you have so many ads on this web site?
A: Because we hope to become rich and be able to dedicate ourselves to this web site full time some day. Although at the rate we’re going, we’d need to live a million years, give or take a century or two.