The Humorless Twit Resigns, Effective April 1 | April 2004


This month’s column is one of the most difficult I’ve had to do, rivaling only my post-9/11 column in degree of difficulty to write. You see, with everything that has gone on with the Flamenco over the last few months, it’s not easy for me to do this. But do this I must.

I’m announcing my resignation as the Flamenco’s humor columnist, effective this month. So this will be my last column.

I know this places a hardship on our new editor, Mark, because it comes at a time he is not only “learning the ropes,” as it were, but also at a time when other columnists have resigned as well. For this inconvenience, I want to apologize to Mark in advance. I know it can’t be easy trying to get so many replacements at once. But I have faith in Mark. I’m sure he’ll find someone suitable.

I want first of all to say thanks to Marlene for giving me a chance. I have always harbored a secret ambition to make people laugh for a living, through my writing. Getting the opportunity to be the Flamenco’s humor columnist for a while will hopefully steer me in that direction. And it never would’ve happened had it not been for Marlene. Thanks, Marlene.

Thanks to Mark, too, for taking over the heavy responsibilities of Flamenco editor. You’ve done an outstanding job as editor thus far and I’m grateful you allowed me to stay on as humor columnist during your tenure.

I also want to thank my fellow columnists and other contributors to the Flamenco. Without all of you, there would be no Flamenco. Your work has enlightened, entertained, enriched and inspired me.

I want to give thanks also to the ExComm members, Committee Chairpersons and everyone else who works hard to make both Flamenco and Miami Mensa a success. People who join the national Mensa organization do so for a variety of reasons, but it is you who give Mensa a local flavor and make Mensa “real” and tangible for the rest of us.

Most of all, I want to thank you, my readers. You have inspired me on those months when I truly had nothing to write about. You have made me laugh with the jokes you’ve sent me via e-mail. You’ve inspired me to do better when you’ve let me know I was off the mark. And you’ve given me encouragement the few times I got it right. Without you, there never would have been a “Humorless Twit.” Thanks.

To everyone, please note my resignation as humor columnist does not mean I will cut myself off completely from Flamenco or Miami Mensa. Although I have a very busy schedule, I do plan to attend events from time to time. And I also plan to contribute to Flamenco every once in a while, when my schedule permits.

For those of you who are interested, I’m currently working on a website where I will post my past columns. I also plan to include new things I may write from time to time. I will send a note to Mark with the address when the website is ready, so those of you who wish to do so can visit it.

And now, finally, the time has come for me to say what I’ve been dying to say: APRIL FOOL! I’m not really resigning! Hey, I had to come up with something original for the April issue, so why not a big April Fool’s joke, huh? See you next month!