Answers: Horn Broke, Watch For Finger | March 2003


Hey, quit peaking! You shouldn’t be here if you haven’t taken the March 2003 quiz yet.

Oh yeah, might help if we gave you a link to the quiz, huh? Well, here it is!

So if you did take the quiz already, here is the answer key:

Answer Key

1 – B
2 – D
3 – B
4 – D
5 – C
6 – C
7 – A
8 – D
9 – B
10 – C
11 – B
12 – D
13 – D
14 – B
15 – B
16 – A
17 – C
18 – D
19 – D
20 – A


18 to 20 right: Congratulations! You are a true South Florida Driver! You obviously know everything there is to know about driving in South Florida.

15 to 17 right: Good show! You are getting there; in no time at all you will be cutting people off on the highway and running red lights with the best of them.

12 to 14 right: You need a little practice. Start by breaking your turn signal handle off your steering wheel column, and driving ten miles per hour in the left lane on the Turnpike.

8 to 11 right: You have obviously been here only a short while. Work on breaking your bad driving habits, such as stopping at stop signs and slowing down when you see a yellow light.

4 to 7 right: You are beyond hope. Go back to where you came from, you will never learn to drive like a native here.

0 to 3 right: Sheesh! Where are you from, the Midwest? We bet you have never gotten a traffic ticket in your life. Well, at least your insurance rates should be low!