Humor Columns


This is where we keep (or rather, hide) the columns we actually write and have written for Miami Mensa’s newsletter, Flamenco.

The columns here on the web site will not appear exactly as they did in print, for a number of reasons. Wherever the differences are (or might potentially be) significant, we’ll include an Editor’s note in italics just underneath the column’s title on the page to explain the difference(s).

Additionally, there will be a few months “missing” on this website. There are three explanations for this.

First of all, Flamenco takes off for the summer, so there is a June issue but there are no July or August issues (we’ve simply labelled the June issue for each year “Summer”).

Also, there was a stretch where the column was mostly made up of those joke e-mails we all get from our friends, and we’ve decided not to include this material on The Humorless Twit. Only original material will be found here, so you can only blame us for it.

Lastly, we began writing this column in October 2001, so you won’t find anything earlier than that. In any event, where appropriate, we’ll note any apparently missing columns and we’ll include an explanation.

All past columns are indexed by the year and month they originally appeared in Flamenco, and links to both are available as appropriate. On this page, we have links to the yearly sub-directories below. If you click on the link to a specific year, it will take you to a listing for that year’s semi-monthly columns (again, keeping in mind that if a month appears to be missing, it’s for one of the reasons noted above).

If you’re looking for a specific column and you have an idea what it’s about, you can use the Google search feature at the top left of all our pages to find it.

That’s it! Have fun. Or at least you can PRETEND you’re having fun, doggone it!