May 122010

I saw this article on Yahoo Travel today about weird buildings (with pictures!) and I wanted to post some of the pics here but I realize they’re probably copyrighted. But that’s okay, I found a picture of one of the buildings (see above), known as the Atomium, on a royalty-free photo website I often use.

The Atomium is located in Brussels, Belgium. It was actually constructed for the 1958 World Fair.

Pretty neat, huh?

May 102010

The Humorless Twit is now available on your cell phone! Now you can go mobile with the Twit and read our columns anywhere (our personal favorite reading spot is the john). If your cell phone doesn’t automatically pick up the mobile version of the site, there’s a link at the bottom of the page (and a link to the mobile site here too).

So now you don’t have any excuses for not reading The Humorless Twit! Well, except for that whole quality (or lack thereof) issue.

May 092010
Aunt Stabby

Okay, finally, our latest humor column, for May 2010, has been posted online.

Here’s a little snippet:

DEAR STABBY: I was two weeks away from getting married. Everything was beautifully planned—it was going to be a fairy tale wedding. But then I caught my fiancee cheating on me with my bridesmaid! Can you help me, Stabby? DESPONDENT IN DAYTON

DEAR DESPERATE DUMB (Twit’s note: censored again!) IN DAYTON: You want me to send someone to take care of him for you? Just let me know, I have peeps.

May 092010
A Moldy Peach, Photo courtesy Luigi Chiesa

We’ve posted all the humor columns for 2010 thus far:

Oh yeah, in keeping with the whole photo thing we mentioned in our last post, we’ve included a photo of a moldy peach at the top of this post. :-)

May 092010
A Sleeping Kitten

In case you haven’t already noticed, we’ve done a major redesign to the site. We’ve used a WordPress theme called Arras Theme and we think it’s great. Naturally, we had to “pimp” it a bit to get it to our liking but this theme is easy to modify, thankfully.

We’ve also caught up on posting our columns and, in order to get stuff working well with the new theme, we’re using more photos than before.

A Sleeping Kitten

Gratuitous Photo of a Cute Sleeping Kitten

See what we mean? This new theme has some great features and we plan to add even more stuff soon, so be sure to visit frequently!