Jan 072007

Okay, So I completed one entire “Body for Life” 12-week program last week. The results: I’ve lost 31 pounds and eight inches off my waist.

I still have a ways (or is that “weighs?”) to go, so no pictures yet. I started my second program last Sunday (today is Sunday, too) and overdid it a bit on the lower body weights, specifically, calves. So my calves have been sore as heck and I was not able to do two cardio sessions last week. Also, in my weakened state, I developed a cold. But as I write this, I am feeling better (although I’m not quite 100 percent) and I even did lower body weight training today. I was extra careful on the calves and reduced the weight from last time.

I’ll keep plugging away and providing progress reports on this blog.

Nov 132006

So far I’ve lost 12.5 pounds on Body for Life. But I’ve also lost four inches from my waist and I can see some muscle definition!

Oct 252006

I’ve been doing Body for Life for almost three weeks now and the results are awesome. Body for Life is a diet and exercise program; I wrote more about in this month’s column although I haven’t posted it yet…

I’ll edit this post later and a link to the column after I post it. Thus far, though, I’ve lost six pounds and my clothes are fitting more loosely. In fact, I’m fitting in to clothes I had to stop wearing months ago.

I’ll be posting my “Before” picture somewhere on the website–but only AFTER I have decent “After” pictures for comparison!