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The Humorless Twit

The Humorless Twit

The Humorless Twit began as the humor column for Miami Mensa’s quasi-monthly (once a month for most of the year except three months off for the summer) newsletter, called Flamenco.

It started centuries ago in 2001 when the previous humor columnist for Flamenco departed and the then-editor needed someone to fill his shoes. Unfortunately for her and Flamenco’s readers, we were the only ones available and willing to meet the newsletter’s deadlines. Needless to say, the previous humor columnist’s shoes were filled by us with a vile and unnamed substance. To this day, transportation of those shoes across state lines is considered a crime unless done by a driver with a HAZMAT endorsement.

The name The Humorless Twit came to us when we recalled an incident where a female former co-worker of ours directed a particular insult at another female former co-worker. The insult was very similar to The Humorless Twit, only another word that sounds a little like “twit” was used.

We have been inflicting ourselves upon Flamenco’s unsuspecting audience since then. Now we inflict ourselves upon the world, via this web site and blog.

Learn more about The Humorless Twit at our Welcome page and introductory humor column.