Feb 032008

We justed posted the February 2008 column, The Humorless Twit Is Invisible–Well, Only Sometimes. Here’s a little peak:

I’ve found that I am truly invisible. But there is one major problem with my newly discovered invisibility: I have no control over it.

I can’t make myself invisible when I want to, which would come in soooooo handy, so often in my life. Like when I run into an ex, or one of those annoying acquaintances or relatives who loooooooves to talk.

So when/how do I become invisible? Oh, that’s easy. Whenever I find myself in any of the following situations:

-At work, when bonuses, coveted assignments and/or extra time off is being doled out
-When I need to merge into traffic or change lanes in my shiny, bright red Chrysler PT Cruiser
-At a store, deli or restaurant counter when I need help (this is especially true if I’m first/the next one to be served supposedly and there is not so much a line of people waiting to be helped but a mob–and someone else is usually chosen before me)